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How Zara nailed it with minimal advertising expenses?

How Zara nailed it with minimal advertising expenses?

‘Zara,’ the innovative and devastating retailer. You would think television and print commercials are of great importance for a luxury fashion brand. Zara on the other hand strongly believes on their product, place and price mix as opposed to large spends on promotion. Their products work a charm when it comes to advertising the brand. Their innovative product line and affordable pricing keeps bringing the Fashionistas back.

How does Zara bring about its awareness without considerable spends on advertisements?

  1. Seamless logistics: Zara sets design trends because of the number of options they are able to showcase to the customer. Their designs have the potential to come to life in just two weeks. With their highly efficient supply-chain, they are able to produce thousands of new designs a year.
  2. Physical setup: Zara believes in rapid expansion across the world. Their positioning of stores at apt locations does most of their marketing activity. The product placement at these stores becomes the face of the brand, which draws people into the store, out of ‘fashion curiosity.’

Zara has proved that creating a successful fashion brand lies in the quality of the design of the products and the ability to produce them at quick speeds.
When products start talking for the brand, the brand can sit quiet and watch sales shoot up even without bulky advertising budgets.



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