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Tyrion Lannister's Tips to Conquering Negative Remarks on Social Media

Tyrion Lannister’s Tips to Conquering Negative Remarks on Social Media

Haters will hate is the usual phrase to ignore or move on from a negative post or comment. And just because you disagree with the negative comment doesn’t make it is untrue. Keep your page clean and spam free.

So, these following tips come from the King of the Wise and Snarks:

Tip 1. Hold your stand but be wise on how you reply.

If you know what your idea on your post is then don’t get defensive. Accept their views and state your view but do not push your views on the commentator. For example, you have found that using certain material helps keep the oven clean. Someone  who disagrees and is spamming with regular negative comments, address them and express your view as using the said material as having a personal benefit. And if they continue spamming, block them.

Tip 2. Take in the criticism for they know something you don’t.

For example, someone comments on your food page that the Chocó-chip cookies are not good publically thank them for their review and express that you will work on it. Privately message the person and ask what she/he felt was wrong. This way you may gain a person’s loyalty for being humble.

Tip 3. Keep it clean and cool. There need be no bloodshed on the post.

There is no need to pull out you sharp mind sword and tear the commenter apart. Being offensive just fuels more negative remarks. For example, when one is deliberately mean and writes: my three year old can make better pie than you, on your shop blog or website. Don’t take a mean turn back. Be calm and respond politely with something like, “Sorry to hear that. Most of my customers RAVE about the apple pie. Maybe you will like the custard-apple pie better? We put caramel and raisins.

Tip 4. There is nothing wrong in taking a bow.

Ask the commentator what they feel is wrong. Provide an apology and offer a positive resolution. Just state that most of your clients LOVE what you provide. Sorry that you didn’t. How can we help?

Tip 5. Wait it out for a short while. It’s a fight not a war. Let your loyal supports do the deed

No need to soil your shoes when you have your kin/community’s support. If you have an active online community who loves your work, they won’t let this negative commenter get away with it. If you’re inclined, wait it out a bit before replying. Most likely, someone in your audience will step up and say “What!? I love their pies.”



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