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Why should social media marketing be one of your most important marketing strategies?

Your brand needs a ‘FIT’ strategy: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter strategy. When you think of social media, you may ponder on people absolutely bored with their lives mindlessly scrolling down their Facebook page. However, when you think of ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing, you will strongly believe that it is one of the most powerful and simple ways to get your brand across to people. Social media has the potential to take ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing to the next level. The traditional way of word of mouth marketing may take time to spread and there is potential of knowledge being altered along the way. The message may also lack personal touch because it becomes hard to track back the source from where the opinion originated.

Social media very easily overcomes these imperfections. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter gives you access to hundreds of millions of users who have the ability to read your messages. Each user who has read your message could become your ‘digital property’ if they end up sharing your message to their followers and friends. Besides Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and Google plus are also important tools to align in your social media strategy. This is how the best social media marketing company in Bangalore makes a difference. The social media game is competitive and it is of prime importance that your company participates towards the growth.

How do top social media marketing companies apply the FIT strategy?

  1. Social media marketing through Facebook: Facebook is currently the largest social network site worldwide in terms of active monthly users. With Facebook ads, your brand can reach out to the world. Advertising on Facebook is relatively cheap. The target features of Facebook ads will ensure that your target audience will see your ad. Facebook is a great platform to mix your activities across the given areas: brand engagement, sales and loyalty strategy.
  2. Social media marketing through Twitter: Twitter is a great tool to bulk update content statuses so that there is regular engagement with your followers. A great way to use Twitter is to be a part of trending topics and hash tags so that your brand gets maximum visibility. The ideal number of tweets per day should range between five and ten. The important aspect of Twitter is to stay relevant to your business. It’s also a great platform to run contests and live engagement with your audience.
  3. Social media marketing through Instagram: This is the fastest growing social media platform. The digital trends of 2017 show that Instagram will witness 10 times more engagement than Facebook. Instagram is a great tool to use influencers to promote your products and services. It is also an excellent channel to promote your products using high resolutions photos. Do not forget Instagram because it is the current prime social marketing platform for engagement.

Snapchat is slowly picking up in India and it is a key element to present brand stories to your followers. Snapchat and Instagram may be used for the similar objectives, but Instagram is bound to give you a greater reach. Pinterest and Google Plus are two social platforms that significantly develop your website’s rank on search engines. Thus these two platforms must not be ignored as it indirectly helps in website popularity.

The best social media marketing agencies in Bangalore are using Instagram and Facebook to promote apps, because of the exponential rise of app startups in Bangalore. We believe this will eventually happen throughout India as well because of the rising popularity of app based work across the country.

The list of social media management companies multiplies by the hour, but the top social firms understand the importance of engagement with your customers. The top 10 social agencies in Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai use Facebook more than any other social media tool for the brands they work with. This makes Bangalore the hottest place for social media oriented careers because of the wholesome exposure the agencies give their employees. If you want to work for great agencies then you must be well aware of all the new digital tools that help with analytics. The top social media jobs in India will go to those who have experience with multiple social media platforms and tools. Social media has become one of the most important marketing channels for the biggest brands of the world.

If you have a brand and want to build a sound social media strategy, you must ensure that you work with a top agency in this space that thrives. Only an agency that exhibits such credentials will understand the importance of the ‘FIT’ strategy.


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