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Choosing The Right Social Media Marketing Company Is Like Choosing the Right Cardiologist! 

You might have a kickass product or service that you know will do extremely well with the masses, and that you want generating revenue in the thousands. But what’s the point if you don’t have the right social media marketing company hired to help you out and push your awesome product/service to your TG? And believe it or not, all your competitors are using the best social media marketing agencies out there to reach their consumers and rake in the green. Also, on an average, a person will spend anywhere between 2-8 hours a day browsing through their social media accounts which beats the amount of time they watch television and even sleep!

Social media marketing is the marketing or advertising of your brand/business product or service using the various social media platforms in operation today such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. Social media marketing companies are big in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and Delhi. They will help you increase your brand awareness and brand loyalty and increase your sales tenfold. But before hiring a social media marketing company to handle all your marketing strategies, you need to check if they can work in line with your brand ideations or values, optimize and improve current marketing strategies that are already in place, come up with new and even better strategies and implement plans effectively.

Here are 5 important questions to ask any social media marketing company before you hire them, to see if they ‘fit the brief’ right –

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What makes them different from their competitors?

Whichever city you’re in, whether it’s Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune or Delhi, there are at least 250 million results that Google throws at you when you search for ‘social media marketing company’ and all of them claim to be the best. But which ones really are? Ask your social media marketing company what sets them apart from the rest and do a thorough background check on them. Look up their previous/existing clients and browse through some of their best work done till date. Check whether they have a well set up design and content team with a proper workflow process. Check if they know their social media marketing tactics and statistics in and out.

The answers to these questions should tell you whether that social media marketing agency will take proper care of its clients and ensure their success.

What is their process for design/content development?

Every social media marketing company not only has to have a stellar design team but a great content writer or group of writers to work their magic on the creatives designed as well as posts on social media. How the social media marketing company handles design and content research for ideas, content creation, and content calendars will play an imperative role in how good their overall social media posts and creatives will turn out to be. A good social media marketing agency will have a strong and strategic design and content workflow in place that will be able to hit the right spot with your desired TG.

Are they going to put you on every social media site?

Not every kind of business needs to be on every social media networking site. Each kind of social media platform attracts different kinds of users so depending on who your specific TG is, your social media marketing company should be able to identify exactly what social media platforms your brand needs to be on if not all of them. Based on your target audience and marketing goals, your social media marketing agency should be able to pick the right social media platforms that will most likely reach out to those audiences instead of marketing your business on every website and social media platform.

This is another key point in determining whether that social media marketing company is the right one for your brand/business type.

How dynamic are their social media marketing strategies and will they monitor ad performances?

Your social media marketing agency should have a variety of marketing strategies, tactics and campaigns lined up to market your business in the best, most diverse manner possible. From posting on your social media accounts to rolling out weekly/monthly creatives, blogs, online print/video ads, etc., to then regularly monitoring the performances of these different ads and reporting back to you with statistics on viewership, CTR (click through rate), organic/paid reach and conversion numbers as well as web/social media traffic data to your social media accounts, your social media marketing company should be handling all this and more.

Also, how strong is the CTA (call to action) going to be for every social media ad that goes up? It should lead to sales conversions. A good social media marketing company should be creative, innovative, use a variety of different marketing strategies, periodically monitor ad performances and report back to you (positive and negative updates) with the same. Ad strategies and campaign ideas should be changed every month, sometimes every week and open communication between the social media marketing company and the client is key.

Are they open to change?

Some social media marketing agencies like to play it safe and play by the rulebook. To some extent it’s fine, but what if those marketing strategies aren’t working for your brand and aren’t showing on the ‘sales scales’? In that case, will they be open to changing their social media marketing strategies to suit your goals and requirements? You, as a brand, must have a certain success rate and clear goals in mind that you want to achieve before deciding to invest in a social media marketing company. If after measuring the performance of advertising metrics, it is found that the marketing strategies aren’t meeting your set sales goals and success rates, then it means it’s time to make some changes. In other words, go big and bold, or go home!

To wrap up, whether you as a brand, are looking for the right social media marketing company in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai or any other metropolitan city of India, you need to ask them the above 5 questions to see if they fit the brief when it comes to reaching your marketing goals. These questions will help give you some insight into the credibility and expertise of that social media marketing agency. If they can carry out the above 5 activities efficiently and diligently, then your brand can reap solid results, build customer engagement, awareness and loyalty and increase sales vigorously through social media marketing.

Come to us for the best in social media marketing in Bangalore, no matter which city you’re from. We guarantee you that we will fit the brief and tick off all of the above 5 questions to make your social media marketing a mad success!

Social media marketing is the use of various social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. and websites to promote your product or service. Millions of people, young and old, look at the internet and their social media accounts every day so a strong social media ad for your product and/or service that captures their attention is definitely going to at least build inquisitiveness in them about what you’re selling if not immediately go out and buy it or order it online.

So, here are five simple tricks to make your social media marketing an ‘internet breaking’ success!

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