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How strategic social media ads can help you generate leads on Facebook and Instagram without breaking the bank

A leading travel agency from Bangalore (one of our clients) were burning their marketing cash reserves on print media and weren’t benefiting from those channels. They also tried their hand at Facebook marketing but were not getting any ROI out of those ads too.

Our client was convinced that Facebook ads are just a scheme to attract customers and then walk away with ad revenue.

Does this sound familiar to you too?

In case it does, we might have some interesting strategies that might help you generate quality leads for your business.
So our client was willing to try our crafted approach purely meant for lead generation. Moreover, we realised that our client was not publishing their ads in accordance with the lead generation type of content, creative or design. Thus, we suggested a very comprehensive Facebook ads strategy that’s worked really well for generating leads. But, our client wasn’t really convinced though from their prior experience with Facebook ads, and wasn’t keen on throwing in more money into these campaigns.

We suggested we start by looking at their previous campaigns and improvise from there rather than disrupting the entire flow. Furthermore, we explained to the client that the lead generation campaigns must be run from the back-end business manager tool of Facebook with specific call to action and direct content that people will click into to see more.
Agreeing with our strategy, we made changes to the campaign structure and launched it for our client.

Two Days in and 22 Leads!

We were generating a couple dozen leads per day without exhausting big budgets like before. Because we were playing smart and strategic and that’s how we were able to generate qualified leads for our client through strategic social media advertising.

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What different did we do in our social media ad campaigns?


  1. Direct content leverage:

    Furthermore, we used direct sales oriented content in our posts to garner maximum interest and increase the number of clicks on the post. We did not beat around the bush, rather we optimised the content as a hook point for people to read and act on.

  2. Landing page:

    We created a lead system by designing and developing a landing page in accordance with the campaign we were running. Not to mention, the landing page must be relevant with the philosophy of the campaign to get qualified leads and better conversions.

  3. Customer targeting:

    Because we noticed that in our client’s old campaigns they were trying to target big audience that did not have similar interests with what the campaign was aiming at. Thus, we narrowed down our target audience and showed relevant ads to relevant interests.

  4. Conversion tracking:

    With Facebook’s conversion tracking pixel code, it’s become much easier to track the kind of audience that is coming to your landing page and show more of your ads to the similar audience.

The above strategies are key while running a lead generation campaign. Thus, these campaigns must be directed towards your audience in a very strategic manner that could lead to more conversions and responses. 

Furthermore, we  hope that this article has helped you understand why a lead generation campaign is one of the most effective social media strategies ever known.

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