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Nike Ad, DA DA DING: Our Take

Nike Ad, DA DA DING: Our Take

Many videos of brands ads are absolutely fantastic, inspiring and various other positive adjectives can be used to describe them but there are few that leave a mark in the advertising industry. The Nike Da Da Ding ad film is perhaps the only one that has the looks and choreography of a music video along with energetic actions that holds out to the brand. This ad not just celebrates sports but also women in sports. The women in the ad film are uncelebrated and often under-rated sports-women that we rarely see on television, and have heard little of. They are the originals. Indian athletes like Rani Rampal, Jyoti Ann Burrett, and Harmanpreet Kaur can be seen ripping through their sports in this ad film.

The film breaks feminine stereotypes as being soft, slow figures instead showcasing women doing sporty, aggressive, aspirational, crazy, and hard-core performances.

Nike has capitalized on this ad by perhaps giving Deepika Padukone just about as much screen space and time as any other person in the film, making her seem like one of us. Perhaps that is what makes this video all the more aspirational. It shows everyone on the same pedestal and not as a glamorous sports people. It’s sporty and dirty. Finally, a film about girls, with girls but there is nothing girly about it.

Talking about the film, Keerthana Ramakrishnan, communications head, Nike India, said, “Nike’s campaign aims to inspire people to take up sports by showing the unstoppable feeling that only sports can deliver. The campaign showcases a series of young athletes across India who are unstoppable. Through their stories, we aim to ignite a sports movement.” It is Nike’s campaign to motivate young women to take up sports and intends to ignite a sports movement among female athletes in India. The underlined tone to the ad expresses invincibility, making the women in the ad powerful creatures.

This video brought the social media into a roaring celebration. The film recognizes sports such as squash, cricket, football, surfing, basketball, running, boxing, badminton, hockey and even dancing. The ad has all the sure fire winning concepts but it also managed to nail one very important idea hard on the costumers and viewers heads, we don’t know the athletes on the film. The ad has been further popularized as the “Deepika Padukone’s Nike ad”, though the ad does celebrate women in sports its purpose somehow loses its way when the viewers can’t place the athletes names. Having Supers to highlight the athletes and their sports and would have greatly helped celebrate these under-rated athletes. Household names such as Sania Mirza, Sania Nehwal, Mary Kom etc versus the ladies we see in the ad, the ones the consumers require education about. Maybe this ad is a good start to get the Indian public to push the “sports movement”.



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