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What marketing strategies Asana used to acquire its customer base?

What marketing strategies Asana used to acquire its customer base?

It’s not free, but it’s ‘freemium.’ Asana the brilliant team and task management tool has made waves in the startup world. Their primary goal has been developing a world-class problem-solving product, which will eventually lead to growth in customer base. Their marketing philosophy has been built on the foundation of giving customers a ‘freemium’ model of their product.

A freemium model will work only if your product is extremely good. Because, people will pay for the advanced features and functionalities only if the basic giveaways are unbelievably helpful. Thus, Asana confident about its product allows customers to use it for free until they feel the necessity of upgrading to the advanced modules.

Here are some of the keyways by which Asana acquired its customers:

  1. Robust product technology: A good product can easily be differentiated from an average one. The backend dashboard clearly showed that customers who used Asana were pretty quick to invite their colleagues to the platform. Asana clearly observes that ‘Product-driven’ growth was exponential. This form of built-in user growth must have clearly led to invitations to colleagues and recommendations to friends. This coupled with the freemium model led to the incredible growth of Asana.
  2. Search engine traffic: With the advent of the startup culture, especially in developing countries it is quite a possibility that startups search for such platforms. Thus, Asana relied heavily on search engine traffic early on in their company’s lifecycle. Search engine marketing, search engine optimization, display advertising and social media marketing were part of Asana’s digital marketing strategy.
  3. Besides these 2 strategies, Asana also had significant press releases on digital media, which gave it its Public Relations face. Other add-ons such as reactivation strategies through newsletters and mailers helped Asana re-ignite the activity of its existing dormant user base.



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