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Learn how the best mobile app development companies can build your mobile app in 12 easy steps.

Smart phones are the talk of the town with state of the art features and gadgets creating a revolution. Mobile Applications are the models keeping the mobile industry to the maximum high. The best mobile app development agencies have 12 easy steps to build a mobile app, which are:

  1. Defining goals

    The  company must begin by idea generation. Getting the idea is the key to any framework or innovation. The company must clearly define the purpose and mission of the mobile app. The common questions would be what is the app going to do, what is the unique selling point, what problem is it going to solve.
    By defining the clear intention to the application, the process would become easier.

  2. Creating sketches of the UI/UX

    By developing sketches, the app agency will be strategizing the plan for coming interfaces. The app firms visually conceptualize the main features and the approximate layout and structure of the application.
    The rough sketches help the team understand the goals of the app.

  3. Research and study

    You must find out whether there are other apps doing the same thing, to find design inspiration for the app through dribble, find information on the technical requirements for the app and find out how to market and monetize the application.
    Once these aspects are checked listed through research methodologies, the programming becomes feasible and reliable.

  4. Creating a wireframe and storyboard

    You must create a wire framing a process of creating a mockup or prototype of the app. A few tools are Balsamiq , Moqups and HotGloo. These prototypes allow you to not only drag and drop all the placeholders and representatives graphics into place, but also add button functionality so that you can click through your app in review mode.
    You also need to create Storyboard for the app. The idea is to build a roadmap that will help understand the connection between each screen and how the user can navigate through the app.

  5. Define the back end

    You must work with the wireframes and story boards to become the foundation of the back end structure.
    You must draw a sketch of Servers, API’s and data diagrams. This will be a helpful reference for the developer, and as more people join the project, they will have a self-explanatory diagram for them to study.

  6. Testing the prototype

    You need to revert to their connections and experts to help review the prototype. By getting their feedback, flaws and dead links can be removed.
    This test will help the concept become stronger and bolder and improving the UI/UX experience.

  7. Improve and build the Back-End of the Mobile App

    The back end of best mobile app development agency needs developing to set up servers, databases, API’s and storage solutions.
    Another important thing on your to do list at this stage is signing up for developer accounts at the app marketplaces that needs developing.

  8. Design the App “Skins” in line with the UI&UX

    Skins are what designers / developers call the individual screens needed for the app. In this step it is crucial to include all comments from your prototype testers.

  9. Test it

    After the designer, the app is tested through 2 great testing apps. Solidify and Framer allow you to import your app designs and add links where needed to test the flow from screen to screen.

  10. Revise and continue to build the user interface and user experience

    Feedbacks give new ideas and thus providing a better concept to your app in the long run. Designers and developers can change according to the idea on the back end.

  11. Refine each detail

    While building the app it is easy to install the app file on a device to test its functionality in a live environment. A platform like Test Flight can be downloaded to test the app. Monitoring can be done the product is complete.

  12. Conduct the Release Time

    App market places have different policies when it comes to publishing a new app.
    Android does not review newly submitted apps right away. They’ll pass by at some point and check it out but you are able to instantly add your app to Google play.
    IOS is different since Apple reserves the right to review and approve your app before it can go live. There is no set time frame for this, but you expect at least a week before you hear back from them.

This is the mobile app development model that top mobile app development agencies across India are following for success. Mobile app Development companies in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi have employed these steps in their app development plans for greater reach and engagement. The android and ios Development job market has opened up beyond expectations. There are thousands of job applicants who want to work for the list of big mobile app development firms across the world. While people are seeking lucrative careers, it is only the top talent that will get placed in the top 10 mobile app development companies.

This mobile app development process has worked miracles for companies who are looking to build best apps. It’s a must follow plan for those app developers who are looking to add value to the brands they manage.


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