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Why Instagram changed the video cap from 15 seconds to 60 seconds?

You can now give your message 4 times the power on Instagram. Instagram has made it possible for advertisers to post videos up to one-minute long. The earlier cap was 15 seconds, but now you could put a lot more information into your video with the additional 45 seconds you have.

Why has this change come about?

  1. The peak time: The 15-second video may have caused difficulty for brands in getting more information out to their audience. However, with the one-minute magic number, brands will be able to connect with their audience for longer. It has been noticed that with videos up to three or four minutes long, trailing off generally happens at the one-minute mark. Thus, Instagram wants users to finish watching videos.
  2. Time-spent: The shorter format videos have always been important to Instagram viewership. With this change of the longer video format, it could boost the amount of time users spend on the app, which will make Instagram more valuable as a marketing tool.
  3. Advertising revenue: Instagram’s advertising business is relatively young. The new length of 60 seconds may see the increase in ad spends on Instagram’s video ads. This could be a strategic move to boost the ad revenue that Instagram generates.

Overall, one must believe that this move is extremely good for artists, musicians, athletes, celebrities and other influencers, who can now showcase a lot more to their fans. People are hungry for information from their role models – Instagram has just brought a lot more to the dining table with the 60 seconds video format.



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