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How do top brands succeed in the game of ‘psychological manipulation?’

Advertising serves many human needs. It may seem irritating and annoying, but there’s a psychology behind it. Some people relate ads to the ‘Devil’ of the modern world. And, we know the Devil almost always wins in the battle of the minds.

Advertising is the fuel of trade and commerce. The most effective ads are those that use psychological manipulation as the mode of communication. Here, the ad incites you to buy the perspective and not the product.

How do top brands succeed in the game of ‘psychological manipulation?’

  1. Sex sells: The audition process for fragrance brands is based not on dialogue delivery, but on ‘will you show some skin?’ And if the answer is yes, you are pretty much set to be casted on screen. Objectification of women and discreet versions of sensual scripts sells fragrances. Nonsexual products sold best the sexual way.
  2. Imperfections of body and color: Everyone loves to be perfect. And, when a stranger points out imperfections in you, it innately causes a reaction of stress and disbelief. You start think you are not good enough, and you start to believe you need to look fairer and fitter to land your dream job. It makes you believe that if you are dark, you are dead.
  3. Reality check: Who doesn’t love drama on a reality show? We all do. It’s not rocket science to adapt this philosophy of real people in your ad without any script in it. Just watch reactions to a specific real-life situation, and people will remember your brand as a problem solver.  
  4. Emotions everywhere: If a jewelry ad doesn’t make you cry, then their ad strategy has gone horribly wrong. Advertisers have portrayed jewelry as an irreplaceable aspect of our everyday lives. Emotion sells carbon. Oh yes, it does.
  5. Color away: Colors can influence people. It instills a sense of emotion and makes you feel a specific way. If a brand wants to make you feel hungry, they’ll put enough red in their fonts, and you may just end up eating even if you are quite full.
  6. Tunes of therapy: Sometimes advertisers adopt uplifting lyrics to their ad copies. These have the potential of becoming so popular and viral that it could result in the immense brand recall. Art influences purchase especially if the product caters to youth.

Successful brands put in a lot of thought into studying the human psychology before marketing their products or services. They play the manipulation game really well and win over hearts of people. The golden rule of every ad is repetition. Advertisers will make every effort to leave a lasting impression deep into your brain. And good brand will succeed in doing so. For the good or bad reason – well, for the winning you over reason at least.



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