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Are you a high roller in the game of digital marketing? Avoid these 5 simple mistakes that most digital marketing companies commonly make.

They say you learn more from your mistakes than your successes. But when it comes to digital marketing, one mistake can cost you a lot of money, not to mention a lot of customers. If you’re a digital marketing company, then you need to be playing your A game all the time and cannot afford to make even the slightest or simplest mistake. Similar to you playing high stakes at poker at the casino; once you have the high card, you become a high roller and cannot afford to slip up or make even the slightest mistake – especially if you’re all in!

Digital marketing is the marketing of a brand’s product or service using digital mediums or technologies such as the internet, mobile phones, digital hoardings and any other kind of digital platform. Whether you’re a digital marketing company in any of the big cities of India such as Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai or Hyderabad, you need to up the ante to beat down your competition and that involves avoiding making any mistakes in your digital marketing. There’s no such thing as beginner’s luck when it comes to the digital marketing game!

Are you a high roller in the game of digital marketing? You can be if you avoid these 5 biggest and most common mistakes that most digital marketing companies tend to make.

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1: You’re not clear on your campaign goals or you’re not measuring their performance correctly

You spend so much time and resources setting up and running the perfect digital marketing campaign for your client, without prioritizing what your campaign goals are in advance. What’s the point if your campaign isn’t meeting the analytical goals such as sales, conversions, form completions, calls to action, consumer engagement, increased click-through rates, sign-ups, etc. All these goals must be clearly defined before the start of any digital marketing campaign. Also, once you’ve clearly set your campaign objectives, proper analytics trackers must be set in place to vigorously track or measure these numbers and check if the campaign objectives are being met or not. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to measure the ROI of a digital marketing campaign and whether it’s working for the brand product or service.

2: You’re not giving mobile phones enough priority

Did you know that mobile phones account for 62 percent of all digital media and marketing time, with mobile apps accounting for over 50 percent? Are you, as a digital marketing company, using the digital media platform of mobile phones to the fullest? If not, then it’s time to get your mobile phone digital marketing strategies in place. According to recent statistics, mobile phones are becoming the dominant digital platform that consumers use and beat even laptops and tablets.

Align your digital marketing strategies to interact or engage with consumers on their mobile phones more. Launch an app that allows the company/brand to speak to their customers via their mobile phones and make sure that the company website is compatible with all kinds of mobile phones or devices. Deliver smart, meaningful content, engaging campaigns, and creatives, attractive offers, special sale deals, and discounts, etc. tailored to suit the medium of mobile phones and improve the consumer experience with that brand which will help increase sales and grow brand-consumer relationships.

Also, apart from digital marketing channels like social and mobile, don’t write off email marketing just yet. Customers have expressed that getting weekly or monthly promotional emails from companies they do business with or whose products/services they utilize, help build a more personalized connection with that company and regard it as a form of giving them more attention, which all consumers like and demand more of.

3: You’re not targeting the right audience

If you, the digital marketing company, are creating fantastic creatives, content, and campaigns for your clients but failing to promote them to the right audience at the right time, then you’re allowing your clients miss out on great opportunities. Be nosy with your audience and keep probing till your digital marketing content and designs hit the desired target audience. Put in that extra effort and investment to make sure your content is noticed by the right audience. Break down your TG into age groups, gender, backgrounds, personality characteristics and behavioral patterns. Connect with your audience and use cookies and tracking tools to reach out to people who have visited the company website or who have joined their email list.

Also, make sure to adopt a customer-centric mindset. Your digital marketing should be exciting, enticing, converting, engaging and lastly, retaining customers. Deliver more customized and personalized brand experiences that provide value to consumers and motivate them to keep coming back for more.

4: You’re not making the most of social media

You can’t be anti-social on social media platforms if you want to win the digital marketing game. Rather than simply broadcasting your creatives and campaigns on social media, use the various platforms to spark dialogue with consumers and engage them. The world uses social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. to express their thoughts and voice their opinions, not to remain quiet about them. Answer questions that your audience might have, respond to their queries, share your thoughts and encourage them to share theirs too. This will help you (your client) build a deeper, more personal relationship with the target audience. Which will, in turn, have a positive impact on the business as well.

Also, as important it is to have a good following on social media accounts. Be sure not to buy social media followers, as this can come across as tacky, desperate even. Nowadays, your customers are as social media savvy as you, the digital marketer, and can easily tell if you’ve bought followers which can render you untrustworthy. Build a social media fan following in a real way. With truly interested people, who could turn out to be potential customers.

5: You don’t have the right team in place

Digital marketers rely a lot on technological resources to keep the company moving but having the right human resources too plays a major role in the successful running of the digital marketing company. If your digital marketing campaigns aren’t doing as well as you would want them to it could mean that you don’t have the right team of designers and/or content writers in place. Having the right team is vital for the proper execution, measuring and improvement of your digital marketing campaigns. Check whether you have the right human resources in the company whose skills just need fine tuning or whether it’s time to fire and hire. Seek advice from other departments in your digital marketing company, if required. Outsource your requirements for new designers or writers, if necessary.

The lesser the mistakes made the more successful your digital marketing campaigns and the happier your clients. Whether you’re a digital marketing company based out of Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad or Pune, you can be at the top of your digital marketing game by avoiding or reversing these 5 simple mistakes.

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