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Why has Coca-Cola moved on from ‘Open Happiness’ to ‘Taste The Feeling?’

Why has Coca-Cola moved on from ‘Open Happiness’ to ‘Taste The Feeling?’

Feelings were abstract, until Coca-Cola said ‘Taste The Feeling.’ ‘Taste the Feeling,’ is the slogan good enough to get people to drink a glass of Coca-Cola and feel something after each sip. Well, even if the answer is no, Coca- Cola will go the extra mile in their ad campaigns to make sure you ‘Taste the Feeling.’

The purpose of this campaign is to unite all Coke Trademark brands under one banner – the banner of feeling ‘something’ after drinking any of their products. People like their Coke’s in different ways. Thus the goal here is to communicate to people that whichever way they choose, they will always get to ‘Taste the Feeling.’ In contrast to the campaign ‘Open Happiness,’ ‘Taste the Feeling’ introduces a larger perspective of emotions. ‘Pleasure in everyday’ is the biggest single emotion; we believe that Coca-Cola is trying to communicate.

Why must have Coke adopted the ‘one-brand’ approach?

  1. Everyone’s brand: Who wouldn’t love to taste a feeling? We all sure would like to feel some form of elevated emotion. Coke is trying to use this campaign to increase its market share. People are going to drink it just to ‘Taste the Feeling.’ And if they happen to have a good day after that, Coke will start becoming a part of their everyday lives.
  2. Sugarless Strategy: This campaign will bring an end to separate ads for Diet Coke and Coke Zero, because people will start viewing Coke as a wholesome brand catering to all customized needs. Thus, this campaign will position all Coke products as one.
  3. Push ‘Diet Coke’: Coca-Cola has seen a drop in the sales of Diet Coke. Thus, this campaign may drive sales of sugarless coke because it will appeal to the health conscious audience that there is an experience – a feeling in all Coca-Cola products.

‘Taste the Feeling’ is overall a wonderful way to push sales of diet coke and coke zero. Whether, it’s a success or not, a good or bad day after drinking a can of coke will decide that.



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