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Be Bold Creative has the right mix of creative ideas and content output.

I love Apple. You love Apple. And obviously, we aren’t talking about the fruit. Branding can make your leapfrog from Earth to Mars if you get your identity and positioning spot on. We strongly advise that your brand should be your best sales strategy.

Ideas and creative philosophies are two important things that decides the story of any creative agency. Be Bold Creative has changed the thought process of branding. We believes in the power of bold strategies which is important to stand out as a brand manager. Furthermore, to stay at the top, our team constantly keeps up with the trending social news and uses these information in building great brand for our clients.

We are always thinking of fresh concepts and new techniques to  strongly position the brands we work with. However, the most important thing is creative communication that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of the consumers. We work with hot startups in Bangalore which has got us recognition. We are very privileged to have earned the tag of being the best branding agency in Bangalore because it gives us an opportunity to add value to other top brands requiring our service. Thus, we hope to continue to be bold, brave and brilliant for our clients so that we can constantly attract customers and earn brand loyalty for our clients.



Brand Identity

Sales is not determined by how good or bad your product is, but rather how good or bad one perceives the product to be. Brand identity is what dictates this perception. We make sure that we generate a positive perspective for your brand by creating well thought out, adaptable and effective brand identifiers like the tagline, name, motto, logo etc.

Brand Guidelines

Once the Identity of the brand is set-up, a set of guidelines regarding the fonts, color scheme, design, etc. will be provided so that the value and the identity of the brand doesn’t get jeopardized.

Brand Personality

We personify the traits of the brand that you wish to emanate to your customers, which potentially has the ability to unify the brand to the customer.

Brand Authenticity

The branding should and must correspond with the value and vision of the company in order to portray honesty and transparency towards the customers.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is the unique selling point of your product that you want your customers to perceive. This is what separates, in a customer’s perspective, a great product from a mediocre one.

Brand Awareness

The more that your brand is recognized and associated with, the better your brand awareness is. This is one of the major factors, among others, that contribute in making brands, market leaders in a specific category.

Brand Loyalty

We bombard your brand with subliminal, powerful information that wire your customers, at a visceral level, into associating with your brand, making them more loyal towards your brand.

Brand Image

Brand image is the public’s perception towards your brand. All the other branding services put together dictates the brand image of a product, making it the most significant element of our branding strategy.



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