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Are You Breaking the Internet Yet with Your Social Media Marketing? If Not, Follow These Five Simple Tricks to ‘Internet Breaking’ Success!

What’s going to help you shoot to the top of your product or service marketing chain and help beat your competitors to the ground? Some stellar, internet-breaking social media marketing. That’s right! Remember what happened when Kim Kardashian appeared butt-naked on the cover of Paper Magazine inspired by the highly controversial ‘champagne’ campaign? The internet literally went into ‘crazy’ mode with millions of comments, tweets, and memes when she boldly posted her famous glossy derriere on her Instagram account with the caption #BreakTheInternet which is exactly what she did. And so should you through your social media marketing, in a less shocking and scandalous way of course.

Social media marketing is the use of various social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. and websites to promote your product or service. Millions of people, young and old, look at the internet and their social media accounts every day so a strong social media ad for your product and/or service that captures their attention is definitely going to at least build inquisitiveness in them about what you’re selling if not immediately go out and buy it or order it online.

So, here are five simple tricks to make your social media marketing an ‘internet breaking’ success!

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Check your quality scores regularly

A quality score is a metric or unit of measurement that Google uses to rate or check the relevance and quality of your keywords and PPC (pay-per-click) ads. On Facebook it’s called a ‘Relevancy Score’ and Twitter calls it a ‘Quality Adjusted Bid’. You can increase your quality score by increasing your post ad engagement rates. So, the higher your quality score the better. A high-quality score means that your ad will get more impressions, likes, shares or comments for the same budget and at a lower cost per engagement.

Increase engagement with target audience

When you post an ad on social media people are definitely going to look at it, like it, comment on it and maybe even share it with a few friends. But what’s going to make them engage in it? So, make sure that your social media advertisement engages your target audience, makes them get up and listen, spark a thought or a conversation. Ask them questions and encourage them to share their views and opinions. Also, narrow down your TG and focus on only them; don’t waste time with the masses.

Using keywords and TG methods can help turn your social media ads into unicorns. Unicorns refer to the top 3 percent of your ad content that is likely to perform better than the rest of your content.

Make use of the “Learn More” button

When posting ads on Facebook you have the option of using one or more of seven buttons with your ad which all help in driving traffic from your TG. Of all these buttons, the “Learn More” button works the best because it helps enhance focus on your ad especially if you’ve already got a great design and copy.  Thus, adding buttons to your ads enhance CTA or call-to-action, CTR or click through rate and conversions from your target audience.

Make your ad quirky, unique and super creative

Make sure that your social media ad is unlike anything that is already out there that the audience hasn’t already seen. Do multiple variations of your ad to hit the right spot. Try various designs and copy lines till you get it right. Deactivate any version of your ad that has a CTR lower than 1.5%. Promote your ad on more social media platforms like Medium, LinkedIn, Digg, Reddit, etc. This will ensure that your ad gets massive amounts of traffic.

Don’t forget a custom landing page

Create a custom landing page, i.e.- where your customer will land up once he clicks on your ad. Hence, it will maximize conversions, CTA, sales, and signups. The ad is your origin and the brand/business product or service website/landing page is the destination. Also focusing your customers’ attention on an immediate offer like “Buy or Book Now Before It’s Too Late” will leave them having to make a split second decision, and in most cases, they choose the former offer.

Thus. try to get your social media advertising spot on you can approach an ad agency that has the content and design expertise to create a social media advertisement that works wonders for your brand. Creating an internet-breaking social media ad is one thing but sustaining it and pushing it across to your target audience is a whole different ballgame which only an experienced, professional advertising agency can accomplish.


Are you looking for a specialist Social Media Marketing Agency?

Click on ‘Get Started’ and one of our experts will get in touch with you to find out more.


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