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How creative advertising agencies will make you hungry even if you are on a diet?

Each of us is subjected to 3,000 to 10,000 brand exposures everyday through TV commercials, outdoor billboards, website banners and the new era of digital ads. Businesses are now finding new ways to apply elements of behavioral psychology in their advertising and marketing campaigns.

Several people played key roles in the early marriage between psychology and advertising. Psychologists closely observe the trends that emerge from the advertisements consumers are exposed to daily.

Let us understand how top creative advertising agencies play the sneaky game of psychological manipulation?

1. Make the logos speak to you

Researchers have discovered that brand logo exposure can have a big impact on everything from a consumer’s level of engagement to consumer’s level of recall. When we are exposed to logos, they activate a set of associations we have with the brand, leading us to exhibit behaviors that are consistent with the brand’s image.

2. Make you happy with the product

Researchers suggest that repeatedly showing a product surrounded by things we feel good about makes us feel good about the product, a process called affective conditioning.

3. Make you want to pay more

Advertisers want to make a sale, and recent research suggests they can tap into your subconscious for an even bigger buy. Studies have proven that repeated exposure to luxury brands can actually help induce big spending.

4. Make you revise your memories

Research has shown that some advertising has the power to distort a person’s memories. Powerful ads have the ability to revise the memories of consumers. Through this way advertisers could win back consumers who they lost because of bad experience they had with the product.

5. Make you overstimulated

Research shows that shoppers make more impulsive purchases when they’re overstimulated.  The sensory overload in certain campaigns is aimed weakening the self-control of consumers. Different kind of music can solicit different responses from customers.

The advertising agencies in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi are applying these philosophies to sneak into the human subconscious. These are some creative ways to increase sales and maximize engagement with the customer. The list of ad companies in India is growing by the hour because of the era of digital advertising. We are quite certain that the top 10 ad companies in the world are behind some of these creative mechanisms of psychological manipulation with the minds of the consumers.

It has become increasingly important for ad firms to apply these theories to benefit from huge advertising spends. The creative agency scene in India is very shaky because advertisers do not understand the importance of psychological manipulation. However, the number of jobs and career options in the field of advertising has opened up. There are a ton of ad companies in Bangalore itself to work for. But the top agencies ensure to apply these principle and they succeed in attracting the best talent to work for them.


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